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Campus Life


CM College holds its convocation ceremony biennially, celebrating the achievements of its graduates every two years. This grand event marks a significant milestone in the academic journey of students, honoring their hard work and dedication. Join us as we commemorate success and inspire future accomplishments.


Counseling is an important aspect of student life, and at our college, we strive to provide comprehensive counseling services to our students. Our team of trained and experienced counselors is here to support our students through a variety of challenges they may encounter during their time with us. We offer individual counseling sessions to address a range of concerns, including personal issues, academic struggles, and career guidance. Our counselors are trained in various therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and person-centered therapy, to provide effective support tailored to each student’s unique needs.

Eco Friendly Campus

CM College’s eco-friendly campus, where sustainability meets education. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in every aspect of campus life. From energy-efficient infrastructure to waste reduction initiatives, we prioritize a greener future. Our lush green surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for eco-conscious learning. Join us in fostering a culture of environmental stewardship, where every student contributes to a sustainable tomorrow. At CM College, we don’t just educate minds; we nurture a profound respect for the planet we call home. Join us in building a greener, brighter future together.

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