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The National Service Scheme (Unit no.151) of CM College of Arts and Science, along with Unit no.157, collectively boasts an active participation of almost 100 students. Since its inception, Unit no.151 has been dedicated to fostering a culture of social service among students. Through a range of programs designed to enrich the socio-cultural fabric of the locality, NSS in stills a sense of social responsibility in its participants. Activities such as leadership camps, workshops, blood donation drives, and social forestry initiatives are meticulously planned and executed to provide immediate benefits to society while shaping students into dedicated social advocates. Currently, over a hundred students from the institution are engaged in NSS activities. Participants are required to commit a minimum of 240 hours of service over two consecutive academic years and attend a seven-day special camp as part of their involvement in NSS.

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club is a movement started by Govt. of India in schools and colleges, through which students will spread awareness on HIV/AIDS. It intended to instil charity mind among all the students to extend their able help towards developing healthy lifestyles, donating blood to all needy by promotion of regular voluntary blood donation. The Red Ribbon Club is functioning in our college in close association with National Service Scheme unit. Our Red Ribbon Club unit arranges mass blood donation programmes on selected dates, accepting blood units from all willing students and staff. It also arranges blood units for medical emergencies reported from various hospitals of the district. Every year on World AIDS Day (December 1) there will be special awareness programmes under RRC.

Jamsheena T
Asst. Prof. – PG Dept. of Commerce.
EDC Coordinator

By the direction of Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala, the college also established an Entrepreneurship development club in January 2016 to inculcate the culture of enterprise among college students. The tremendous gap between job opportunities and man forces compelled to create and motivate them.

Vidhya Vishwanath
Asst. Prof., Department of MCJ
Film Club Coordinator

Understanding the significance of visual narratives in academics, documentaries, feature films and drama are used quiet frequently as supplementary learning tools in the class rooms. Hence, the club tries to build up an awareness of choosing informative visual narratives instead of running behind unnecessary stuffs.

Anusree V M
Asst. Prof, Department of Mathematics.
IT Club Coordinator

The information and Technology Club is formed in college to aim at producing talented students in the field of information technology. Understanding the current world wide situation and the needs of more versatile students in the arena of technology, the club conducts countless activities through which students can enrich their abilities.

Asst. Prof, PG Department of English
Literary Club Coordinator

As the aphorism suggests literature is the mirror of life, Literary Club of the college aims at producing literary talents through continuous activities and practices throughout the academic years. Apart from having lot of discussions on contemporary issues, books debates, talks and group discussions, the club invites great personalities, who have been part of literary arena, to get more insights on the various literary forms and genres. It also encourages the students to participate in various literary and cultural events in and out of the campus.

Amrutha M C
Asst. Prof, PG Department of English
Music Club Coordinator

Music club functions as a platform to find out musical talents among students of the college. By owning certain musical instruments, the club makes use of such facilities to train the talents. Besides, it conducts grand musical festivals as part of annual day and tries to rope with talented persons from outside that give an opportunity for students to interact with them.

Shimna V S
Asst. Prof, Department of Commerce.
Nature Club Coordinator

The activities of the nature club broadly intend to create awareness on surroundings and the larger eco system. Consequently, the club conducts various activities including classes, debates, and competitions in accordance to the special days and tries to implement these educative practices in the immediate living environment. Besides, the club also actively indulges in conducting sites visits and nature camps for students.

Ashique T
Asst. Prof, Dept. MCJ
Tourism Club Coordinator

A tourism club is being formed in college by understating the value of visiting places. It indulges in various activities including field visits, hiking, visiting important geographical places. The club is an epitome of using tourism in an informative manner.

Asst. Prof and HOD of Arabic Dept.
Arabic Club Coordinator

Arabic Club at CM College of Arts and Science, Nadavayal! Our club is dedicated to promoting and celebrating Arabic language, culture, and heritage among students. Through a variety of engaging activities and events, we aim to create a vibrant community where members can immerse themselves in the richness of Arabic traditions and language.

Deepa N R
Asst. Prof & HOD of Malayalam Dept.
Malayalam Club Coordinator

Nirakoot is a club dedicated to Malayalam culture and language. It hosts various programs related to Malayalam, such as Nandita Commemoration, Basheer Commemoration, Reading Day, World Mother Language Day, and Kerala Birth. Additionally, the club organizes educational and entertaining events like folk song competitions, one-minute speeches, newspaper reading competitions, anthyakshari, and quiz competitions. Its members consist of teachers and students from the Malayalam department.

Rijilanath A P
Asst. Prof, Dept. of Computer Science
Women Cell Coordinator

The principle of gender equality is firmly embedded within the Indian Constitution, spanning its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, and Directive Principles. Alongside granting equality to women, the Constitution empowers the State to implement affirmative action measures in support of women.

Cm College is actively dedicated to realizing these constitutional objectives set forth by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. Calicut University recognizes its obligation to empower women not only through education but also by enhancing their skills for a better quality of life. Ensuring their safety and security, the establishment of the Women Development Cell (WDC) underscores this commitment. The WDC primarily focuses on fostering development and devising tailored solutions to overcome any existing barriers. This will be achieved through students’ engagement in seminars, workshops, and training programs.

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