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History of the College

CM college of Arts and Science Nadavayal, Wayanad, Kerala is a self-financing college affiliated to the University of Calicut, Established in the year of April 2010 and run by CM centre Madavoor, Calicut, Kerala. The college is situated in Panamaram, shares its 15 acres of beautiful land. Recognized by Government of kerala, . In a short span of time, our college has achieved greater heights since its inception a decade ago by educating thousands of students from various parts of our states. Even though, Wayanad district has been little backward compared to many other districts of Kerala due to its geographical structure, we undertake the challenge to serve and provide better education for all the community.

Chairman's Messege

The CM Centre has had a successful journey spanning three decades, during which it has established educational institutions in various locations in Kozhikode and Wayanad. The organization has also undertaken charitable initiatives across Kerala, providing educational opportunities to people of all ages, from primary school to post-graduation, as well as conducting research. Through its efforts, the CM Centre has helped hundreds of students from disadvantaged financial and social backgrounds to pursue successful careers in fields such as Islamic Studies, Medicine, Engineering, Teaching, and Management. Students studying at the CM Centre’s campuses have achieved remarkable academic success, scoring high ranks in a variety of exams and setting new records. The CM Centre’s contributions to society are significant, as it has helped individuals improve their educational and social standing.

TK Abdu Rahman Baqavi

Principal's Messege

The college’s exceptional academic reputation and diverse range of program s are a testament to CM College of Arts and Science’s commitment to providing a top-notch education to students across all seven departments.

With the involvement of numerous committees and clubs such as Elite Ambassadors, Chirakukal (The Social Extension Programme), IQAC, RPC (Research Promotion Council) and the Women’s Cell, the college sets a benchmark in higher education. Our active administrative system and committed team of faculty members are unique and dynamic in academic milieu.

Dr. A.P Shareef

Our Amenities

Library with reference books for all subjects

Well-equipped Computer Lab

Auditorium with Audio Visual Aids

Scholarship Assistance

Hostel Facility for Boys & Girls

Well-equipped Sports Ground

Research Training

Canteen Facility

Prayer Hall

Career Guidance & Campus Placement

Sports training under physical department

Transportation Facilities









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CM College of Arts and Science to Add-on 21st century skills among students in collaboration with ASAP

With immense pleasure and gratitude we would like to announce that CM College of Arts and Science have signed MoU

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