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The Imam Raazi Merit Scholarship

The Imam Razi Merit scholarship is a scholarship scheme offered by CM College. The scholarship awarded to students who have put efforts in outstanding academic performance in the exams conducted by The University of Calicut.

Elite Ambassadors

The college’s exceptional academic reputation and diverse range of programs are a testament to CM College of Arts and Sciences commitment to providing a top-notch education to students across all seven departments. With the involvement of numerous committees and Clubs such as Elite Ambassadors, chirakukal (The social extension program), IQAC, RPC (Research Promotion Council) and the women’s cell, the college sets a benchmark in higher education. Our active Administrative system and committed team of faculty members are unique and dynamic in academic milieu.

Chirakukal (Wings)

Chirakukal means wings, it is an initiative under the social extension scheme of CM College. Under this initiative we can conduct Tuition Classes for Various Subjects, Coaching for Competitive Examinations, Medical aid campus, arts & Sports training, Motivational sessions, competitions and employability/Skill development programs. The beneficiaries of this program are residents of Neykuppa area in Nadavayal.

Meet the professionals

Dr. S.S Sreejith

(School of Management studies National Institute of Technology NIT Calicut)

The session on research orientation was a fruitful experience from a teaching learning perspective. The Lively participants were active and made it an excellent learning experience. Their passion towards research and new knowledge creation is appreciable. The hospitality of the host institution was excellent.

Dr. Althaf Shajahan

(School of Management studies National Institute of Technology NIT Calicut)

CM College’s picturesque location and contemporary architecture, along with young and vibrant faculty, made it a memorable experience for me. The campus boasts excellent infrastructure and a rigorous learning process. The institution’s impressive alumni and student experiences suggest a bright future. Best of luck to the able administration and facilities.

The CMC Plant-up

Wayanad district is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere which is world renowned for its rich bio-diversity. The college set apart a seperate area in the campus to grow precious spices like Cardamom, Pepper, Ginger, Coffee and Turmeric etc.

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